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3 months agoMegan Fox in Transformers - Her Breakthrough Hollywood Film Role Megan Fox is the 25-year-old actress who bagged the role of Mikaela Banes, the female lead in the 2007 and 2009 movie, Transformers. Mikaela Banes, a high school student is not the typical damsel in distress. Her role has beauty, spunk, brains and a hand for automobile mechanics which she got from her father, who was a paroled car thief. She apparently kept her knowledge on cars because she expects boys of being insecure when a girl knows about cars more than they do.

She had a difficult family life which made her street smart and very different from the other typical chicks in campus. In the 2007 movie, Mikaela plays as Sam Witwicky's love interest. She and lead Sam Witwicky had been in class together since first grade. At high school, oferty pracy giżycko she is regarded as the hottest girl in campus. Mikaela started out as a football player's girlfriend. After her boyfriends bullies Sam, she sticks out for him and breaks up with the football player.

Mikaela and Sam's destiny finally meet when the boy offers her a ride after seeing her walking at the side of the road all alone. Mikaela showed interest in Sam's Camaro and later on witnessed how the car transformed into a robot from outer space. After sharing that experience, Mikaela started to become intertwined with Sam's story. Her knowledge in automobile mechanics played a vital role in helping Bumblebee get back into action by mounting him at the back of a tow truck.

In the end, she and Sam began dating and eventually became lovers. Two years later, Megan Fox relived her role in the 2009 sequel. This time, Sam moves off to college and Mikaela and he keeps a long distance relationship. As Sam moves out, Mikaela is entrusted with a piece of the Allspark, the shard which accidentally fell into his jacket at the end of the first movie. After discovering the presence of a Decepticon, she races to Sam's school to save him from another female Decepticon, Alice.

At this point, their relationship goes through the rocks; first, oferty pracy kuratorium katowice with her catching him on the bed with the girl Alice and second, when Sam almost dies near the end of the movie. Although the actress has confessed that her performance was not as excellent as with her leading man, Shia LaBeouf, many people thought of it as a turning part in her career. According to her, the biggest challenge was working mostly with the blue screen and movie effects.

Casts and director thought the role was perfect for Megan Fox. The second movie however, displayed the actress's versatility with Megan showing more acting skills and the same spunk she showed in the first movie. Movie goers and experts regard this movie as Megan Fox's big break. If you liked this article and you also would like to receive more info concerning oferty pracy giżycko generously visit our web-page. After the film, Megan Fox was nominated for the "Breakthrough Performance" category in the MTV Movie Awards. She was also nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for "Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure", "Choice Movie: Breakout Female" and the "Choice Movie: Liplock" categories.

Sure enough, after the sequel, doors opened up for the actress with a number of movie and project offers.

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